Inspiration - Respect - Appreciation

Every interaction provides an opportunity for dialogue and engagement. As a leader you may find this to be difficult. You have always been told that being a leader requires a different set of traits and credentials. Capitalize Your Humanity maintains that this mind set is wrong. Changing “who” you are depending on the circumstances is hard and just plain wrong. Be yourself all time, it really is just that simple.


The name of the company, Capitalize Your Humanity, is rooted in being the authentic human you were raised to be, and then capitalize on all that you bring to humanity with your uniqueness. Servant Leadership is the paradigm that Capitalize Your Humanity embodies and encourages you to try and see how it feels. You have to be willing to engage your inner-self and embrace leading side-by-side, not top down.


Servant Leadership embraces a simple set of principles:

      1. Respect Others for Who They Are
      2. Respect Others for What They Bring
      3. Respect Others for their Individual Diversity
      4. Bring Dignity and Kindness to Every Interaction


Capitalize Your Humanity Helps You:

      • Listen actively;
      • Create empathy by seeing the world through the eyes of others;
      • Use conceptualization and awareness to help others engage their authentic selves;
      • Be vigilant in your stewardship and commitment to people and community;
      • Embrace these characteristics leading side-by-side being who you really are.



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