In every area of life, we look to others for help in selecting the right advisors. Most business is referral driven, and Capitalize Your Humanity is no different.

Kate Eckman, MS, ACC, 3CP

Author of The Full Spirit Workout
Certified Executive Leadership Coach
Keynote Speaker | QVC & HSN Beauty Presenter
“Vanessa has been instrumental in my personal and professional development. To call her an extraordinary coach is a vast understatement. Not only is she highly skilled, highly educated, highly empathetic and emotionally intelligent, but she has a way of piercing through you to get to the heart of the matter and transform the way you look at a challenge or setback.
Even as a writer, I’m finding it difficult to put into words how great of an impact Vanessa has had on my life. Whether it’s celebrating a huge win (like the launch of my first book), or navigating a difficult situation (loss of a job), she always knows the perfect questions to ask to elicit deep reflection and growth and words of wisdom to share to help me perform my best and actualize my full potential. I really don’t like to think back to a time when I wasn’t working with Vanessa. One of the best decisions of my life was hiring her as my coach. Investing in her talent has been a game-changer for me. I can’t recommend her more. Thank you, Vanessa”


Darin Anderson, Chairman & CEO, Salas O’Brien

There are so many people in the world who follow a very conventional path, often because it is easier. You are definitely not one of them. You are “an uncommon one”. You have the strength of character and conviction of a lioness. You exhibit a unique and tremendous ability to put yourself in others shoes with an incredible illumination, coupled with a dedication, resiliency and energy that is very rarely seen in this world. I am a much better person because of what you have shared and taught me.”


 Kate Schaefers, Ph.D., LP, University of Minnesota Advanced Careers

” It is with great enthusiasm that I recommend Vanessa Tennyson. I believe that she brings knowledge, skills, and relevant background, and also emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills that will enhance the experience of others. As a Leadership Coach, she has practical experience leading teams and organizations, from which she has gained wisdom, curiosity, business acumen, and emotional intelligence. She is committed to being a positive force in communities, giving her time and talent, and mentoring, coaching and supporting others as they learn and grow.”


 Emily Hunt Turner, Founder & CEO, All Square; Attorney

Coach. Friend. Mentor. Expert in so, so many things. Vanessa is rare on many levels and her clarity of expertise has been such a breath of fresh air in my life and in my professional journey. She truly has operated—and continues to operate—as a North Star. What an absolute gem of a human and coach.


Sara Stamschror-Lott, MA, LMFT, Founder, Creative Kuponya

“During every session she gives me items to work on in an effort to advance myself and my company. I’m never left wondering what to do or what my next steps should be. Having a mentor and coach helps me shine light on things that will grow my business and leave me feeling fulfilled in my life – which is priceless. There’s nothing like that feeling of pride, and understanding my worth as a female entrepreneur!  I feel truly lucky and blessed to be working with Vanessa.


Elise Painton, Researcher, Universtiy of Minnesota Life Course Center

Working with Vanessa as a client is such a pleasure. Her professional and personal insight helps disentangle things that otherwise may seem daunting. She has helped me flesh out the pathways that lay ahead of me, and has never once let me forget the power of my potential. I can’t say enough great things about Vanessa — she inspires me greatly!


Natasha Orselene, Leadership & Organizational Coach

“Vanessa is amazing to work with and has phenomenal expertise as a coach and leader. I had the pleasure of working with her as my Leadership Coach, and her talents and abilities assisted in a dramatic increase in progress in my professional career. Vanessa has amazing insight and intuition and was able to really help me look at things in a new light and upgrade my mindset. As a Leadership Coach, Vanessa earns my highest recommendation.


Jennifer Dobossy, MPA, Foundation and Nonprofit Director

“With healthy doses of witty self-deprecating humor and honest reflection, Vanessa’s coaching is tactical, relevant and productive. Vanessa creates space where one can enter simply as they are. Then, leave feeling understood, empowered and accountable. She embraces one’s authenticity and all of its complexity, vulnerability and beauty. Her genuine interest and calm centeredness open the door to increased awareness, perspective setting, grounding and action.


Jamil Stamschror-Lott, Adjunct Faculty Instructor, Augsburg University

“Vanessa elevated my game. She was able to identify historical mental struggles I was allowing to impede on my ability to accomplish certain tasks in my profession. Since, our work together I am more confident. As a result, my business and more importantly my family are in a much better state of functioning.


Olga Skipper, Leader | Entrepreneur | Executive Coach

“Vanessa is one of the best coaches I’ve ever worked with. In our work together, Vanessa made sure not only that trust and mutual respect is created, but also that I stick to my path and make progress on my way to my life vision. Vanessa’s energy and empathetic approach are unique and not that easy to find. If you would like to step out of your comfort zone with a supportive yet honest partner – Vanessa should be your choice.”


Heather Olsen, Chief Operating Officer, All Square

“Vanessa’s coaching has been indispensable in helping me take on the challenges of organizational leadership, which has also led to me become a better friend and colleague to others. She has a tremendous ability to identify sticking points you couldn’t quite put your finger on and build the skills and tools that will guide you to an optimal resolution – which is more difficult but infinitely more useful than revealing the answer. Truth teller, avid conversationalist on virtually any topic, laser focused – Vanessa is a cut above the rest. You’d be a fool not to take every opportunity to avail yourself of her vast expertise.


Chris Mayr, (retired) Senior Philanthropic Advisor, Carlson School of Management

“What does one get when you combine a caring concerned listener and a velvet-gloved pragmatic strategist, (with a great sense of humor) in the service to others? You get Vanessa Tennyson! In serving her clients and being a resource to me, she has always asked thoughtful and strategic probing questions to get at the essence of the matter and without judgement helps nurture one’s self-discovery and ownership of a critical path towards a solution.”




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