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Why You're Here

You’re ready to feel valued and listened to at work so you’re motivated to bring your best self every day that adds as much value as possible.

I work with executives like you to flesh out the pathways that lay ahead of you with action-steps to help your career and personal life.

Working together, you gain empowerment, engagement, productivity, and diversity of thought and action that leads to fulfillment for you and those around you.

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Sample Topics We Cover

navigating relationships

Learn to be comfortable managing up, get promotions, feel connected instead of isolated


Learn how to get others to understand, follow, and agree

conflict resolution

Discover how to be heard and understood without arguments about the solutions you present


Find out how to deal with staff incapable of doing things correctly which causes you to having to do it all yourself


Stop feeling you have to act a certain way to be seen and heard, which leaves you exhausted day after day

Is coaching right for you?

Discover the differences among coaching, therapy and consulting


Focused on organizational performance

Strives for objectivity

Provides quantitative analysis of issues

Advises leaders on business matters

Paid to come up with answers


Focused on the future
Paid to ask the right questions
Helps individuals discover their own path
Tackles difficult issues at work and home
Focuses on individual behavioral change
Based on coaching code ethics


Focused on the past
Explores subjective experience
Focuses on cause of behavior
Diagnoses and treats dysfunctionality
Based on medical ethics

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Successful Clients


Why work with Vanessa

Vanessa has over three decades of C-suite experience as CFO, CAO, CHRO and COO in professional services, non-profit management, human resources, financial management, administration and operations. She is a proven commodity having taken a small consulting engineering firm from $1 to $22 million in revenue and #60 in the country. She has been a catalyst for developing leadership talent to embrace empathy and bring clarity through transparent communication, as the foundation for what executive presence embodies.

Vanessa’s passion is people and as a transgender woman who spent the last 40 years in myriad roles within the business community, she has accumulated the rare perspective of having been an employee, manager, executive and owner, in both male and female gender roles.

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Are you Ready?

Together, you discover the true basis for blockers, issues or concerns, and shine a light on what change looks like for you. You’re provided with a framework, accountability and meaningful feedback to accelerate individual performance, while embracing your authentic self.

Vanessa’s range of empathy is unusually diverse due to the wide array of experiences in her personal, professional and volunteer roles, and as your coach, she helps illuminate in language that is meaningful to you, your path to enhanced engagement and performance.

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