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Capitalize Your Humanity is trained in the use of two highly regarded, and scientifically designed and sampled (over 1,000,000) personality assessment tools:

Neethling Brain Instruments NBI™

The NBI™ (Neethling Brain Instruments) suite of assessments developed by Dr. Kobus Neethling—a pioneering figure in the field of creativity—has been taken by almost one million people worldwide. Dr. Neethling collaborated with Dr. Paul Torrance at the University of Georgia to develop this suite of psychology and neuroscience-based psychometric assessments. The NBI™ is a measure of your thinking preferences—the degree to which you prefer some tasks more than others. Your unique combination of thinking preferences has important implications for how you lead, communicate, relate to others, and work in teams.

Hogan - The Science of Personality

Hogan – The Science of Personality (Hogan) is developed with 3 main instruments:

Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI) – Day to Day

Hogan Development Survey (HDS) – Under Stress

Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory (MVPI) Values & Drivers


Founded in 1987 by Drs. Joyce and Robert Hogan, Hogan leads the world in personality assessment and leadership development. Grounded in more than three decades of validated research, Hogan assessments were the first to scientifically measure personality for business.  Inspired by the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which made discrimination illegal in hiring, they were dedicated to developing non-discriminatory personality assessments.


What began as a small startup has evolved into the industry leader serving more than half of the Fortune 500.


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Vanessa G. Tennyson

Founder & CEO, Capitalize Your Humanity

The purpose of this paper is to explore barriers to LGBTQ+ leadership development. Executive and leadership coaching has been embraced as an effective tool for C-Suite, executive and management staff, and yet, there is a considerable lack of engagement in this process for diverse populations.

The diversity & inclusion initiatives corporations have begun, could secure meaningful validation by exercising the whole-human approach to development through executive and leadership coaching for these diverse individuals. By making a commitment to executive and leadership coaching for diverse populations, the corporation can benefit from a positive employee experience, both within and outside of the corporation, leading to a desire from diverse employment candidates to work for the company. 

Fully incorporated diversity & inclusion initiatives create an environment where employees feel valued, and aid in the overall opportunity for enhanced profitability, by the value employees bring. The benefits of executive and leadership coaching for the individual and the corporation are well documented. When extended to diverse populations, they can be fully engaged in the opportunity for development of self, through the skill of executive coaches who focus on client insight through explorative questions.




With a trained, practiced, certified and skilled executive and leadership coach, the LGBTQ+ client will discover their own solutions to wants, needs and goals. The executive and leadership coach, and more narrowly, the LGBTQ+ executive and leadership coach, acting as a guide in the exploration of client intellect and emotions, encouraging the development of emotional intelligence, and through the lens of their individual perspective and experiences, will help the client engage their true self. It is time for corporations to embrace the diversity of thought and experience that are unique to LGBTQ+ and minority populations. With the help of executive and leadership coaching, queer populations can begin to engage in the celebration of behavioral authenticity as a driver of corporate guidance and governance, and that of enhancing society and commerce for generations to come. A well-practiced executive and leadership coach utilizes the following skill sets to effectively guide the LGBTQ+ executive or leader in their coaching relationship.



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