About Vanessa Tennyson

Collaborating with Executives on Authentic Leadership

Value of Coaching

As a professional executive and leadership coach, I work with people in the space between behavior and performance, to assist in the creative exploration of capabilities and effectiveness.

I work alongside those who desire to be genuinely engaged in their work, committed to developing their awareness, and broadening their perspective.

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My Story

I have over three decades of C-suite experience in professional services, non-profit management, human resources, financial management, administration and operations. I am a catalyst for developing leadership talent that embraces empathy and clarity through frequent communication as the foundation for executive presence. As a transgender woman, I offer a rare perspective from experiencing both male and female gender roles as an employee, manager, executive and business owner.

I joined a small consulting engineering firm in 1986, as Director of Operations. I began structuring the firm for growth and expansion and spent the next 32 years as Chief Financial Officer, Chief Administrative Officer, Chief Human Resources Officer and finally Chief Operating Officer taking the firm to $22 million in annual revenue.

Coaching Philosophy

I coach in the areas of Emotional Intelligence, Leadership & Engagement, Communication, Executive Presence, Performance Enhancement.

With astute active listening skills, I am able to help you discover the true basis for blockers, issues or concerns, and shine a light on what change looks like for you. I provide a framework, accountability and meaningful feedback to accelerate individual performance, while embracing your authentic self.

My range of empathy is unusually diverse due to the wide array of experiences in my personal, professional and volunteer roles, and as your coach, I help illuminate in language that is meaningful to you, your path to enhanced engagement and performance.

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Successful Clients

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You’re in the Right Place if:


You want to be proud your staff and others come to you to talk through concerns, or ask for guidance and assistance regarding many types of issues related to their jobs. You are ready to feel like a true leader.


You want too have a good understanding of what makes people work well, and empathize with many of the issues or blockers they may be experiencing.


When you come home and tell your partner about your day, you want to feel comfortable that you brought your whole self, in a genuine manner to everything you encountered, and are able to rest comfortably knowing that your one true self is the best of you.


You understand that not everyone is going to get along and that discussions can sometimes get heated. You establish norms for behavior and role model them appropriately.


You know what you don’t know, and are honest and open about that. You know that when you need more information, you know where to find it, who to ask, or how to collaborate so that we all can be successful. You want to achieve your goals through hard work and perseverance, and deserve any accolades as a result.

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