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Vanessa Tennyson is the Founder & CEO of Capitalize Your Humanity, a business providing Executive & Leadership Coaching. She is a Carlson School of Management and Columbia University educated professional. She is skilled in the art of coaching leaders and executives on their personal journey to behavioral authenticity, as well as their business strategy, development and organization, with creative thinking and innovative solutions.


Vanessa is a Columbia Certified Professional Executive and Organization Coach (3CP), as accredited by Teachers College, Columbia University, and a Professional Certified Coach (PCC), as accredited by the International Coach Federation. 


As a transgender woman, Vanessa has spent the last 40 years in myriad roles within the public, private and non-profit business communities. She has had the rare experience and gained expanded perspective, operating in both male and female roles being an employee, manager, director, senior executive, and owner.


Jen Dobossy describes Vanessa as:

“Vanessa, you offer the world a valuable gift in your coaching. You are playing a significant role in helping others reveal their light, align to their inner compass and embrace the courage to share it with the world (and/or with those who matter most). I am so very thankful of you and your coaching.”     November 5, 2019


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